Looking for insight about and connecting key issues to your business? This is the right place.

  • Technology for Business – How do you leverage ever-changing technology for your business? Whether technology is your business or an important tool to service your business, we can help you manage and leverage it for your customers’ maximum benefit… and hence yours as well. Read on.
  • The Cloud – What is the “cloud”? If you are a technology provider, what are the advantages to true cloud services? If you are a customer, why does it matter how your vendor offers their services and how truly “cloud” they are? Follow here.
  • Pricing for Profit – How do you price your products? Your number one internal goal is to maximize your profits and market share, but your real goal is to create and keep happy, returning customers. We can help you find the best pricing structure and best prices to satisfy your customers and your bottom line. Learn more.
  • Product Strategy – Which products should you sell, to whom, in what bundles and packages? The right combination is crucial to happiness for your customers and rapid profitable growth for you. Let us help you find that perfect match. Discover insights.
  • Business Policy – What should your internal policies be? What about your customer service rules? Let us show you how the two tie together to create a well-run, efficient business with well-satisfied customers. Share our experience.
  • Information Security – How do you keep your own and your customer data safe, without immobilizing your ability to operate? How do you stay off the front pages as the next major breach? We know how to balance business needs and security requirements to keep you humming along. Enter our security world.

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