Bitcoin follow-on – I lead the WSJ by three days

Three days after I published my piece on Bitcoin, the WSJ’s weekend interview, available here, is with the Chief Scientist of Bitcoin. I have always enjoyed their weekend interviews, even – or perhaps especially – when I disagreed with the interviewee. As a consultant and writer who is not a professional journalist, I do not have the time or access of the WSJ to conduct these interviews, so I am grateful they did.

Mr. Andresen is an interesting interviewee. He is Chief Scientist of the Bitcoin Foundation, he even gets paid in Bitcoin, rather than USD (although he is taxed in the equivalent USD), and he is clearly a believer in the future of the ownerless currency. And yet, he clearly states that it is in its infancy, and one should only risk what one can afford to when dealing in Bitcoin.

The article is recommended reading. Thank you WSJ.

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