Solutions - Internal Ventures

“Is there really a market for our product or service? Is it big enough? Beyond the usual startup concerns, can this succeed within our corporate culture, constraints and brand?” 

Startups are incredibly hard. Internal startups - "intrapreneurship"- seems easier with access to corporate resources and cash. But with those come strings... strings that sometimes outweigh the benefits and can kill your venture. You need to know that the venture will thrive within, and sometimes despite, internal politics, CFO-driven gross margin requirements, a culture that is unique, and a brand that is highly sensitive.

Atomic will use its experience in both startups and large firms to determine if your venture can provide the necessary margins and brand to fit within your existing corporate structure, how it will affect and be affected by corporate culture, what the brand impact will be, and the sponsorship structure and risk. We will help determine the best structure for the venture's success, whether inside a division, as a standalone division, or as a separate spin-off entity. We will structure for your venture's best shot at success.

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