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Atomic provides high-value, rapid-turnaround technology business consulting services to owners, executives and managers. Strategically, we hone, target and perfect your product strategy, by ensuring it really works and is tested in the unforgiving real-world of the market. Operationally, we directly improve your profits and customer satisfaction by leveraging people, process and technology to measurably increase return for each dollar of investment. Atomic combines the broad market perspective, strong domain expertise and deep technology experience required to drive your business to higher levels of revenue, market share and profitability. Atomic is the adrenaline boost for your business.

Latest Articles

    Kubernetes Enabling Moving Up the Stack

    Yesterday, I had the privilege of one of my many discussions on technology direction with Josh Mahowald. Our conversation turned towards why it is that so many interesting and enabling pieces of software have been built on top of Kubernetes. As Josh …   continue reading

    03 Sep 2019

    Change Process vs Change Execution

    Why do I need both GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket and JIRA/PivotalTracker/etc.? Over the last several years, while working with companies that regularly deliver software, I have seen three basic patterns in use: Git-All-In: These companies, normally …   continue reading

    07 May 2019

    How to Run a Great Conference

    How do you run a great conference? I spent the first three days of this week, Monday March 4th through Wednesday March 6th, attending and speaking at QCon London. In my case, I spoke about LinuxKit, a toolkit for composing lightweight, minimal and …   continue reading

    07 Mar 2019

    Serverless vs Containers is Silly

    Serverless? Containers? Who will win??? In the week of aws reInvent, when 45,000 or so people are descending on Las Vegas, and two weeks before the big cloud-native conference in Seattle, the question of “which is the future, serverless or …   continue reading

    26 Nov 2018

    DockerCon Observations

    A few weeks back, I wrote an article on my observations on KubeCon/CloudNativeCon. A number of people asked that I follow up with similar observations about DockerCon. Last week, I had the unexpected pleasure of attending DockerCon in San Francisco. …   continue reading

    19 Jun 2018

    Kubernetes Is An Operations API

    What is Kubernetes? According to the home page: Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. On that basis, Kubernetes has matured and evolved, becoming not just “an …   continue reading

    23 May 2018

    KubeCon Observations

    Two weeks ago, I attended KubeCon/CloudNativeCon EU 2018 in Copenhagen. The sheer size of the conference was astounding. Over 4,000 people attended.. In addition to the sheer size, the professionalism of both the conference itself - audiovisual, …   continue reading

    21 May 2018

    Agile, On-Demand and Commitment Cloud Prices

    Yesterday, I worked with a colleague to determine costing for their newly deployed kubernetes cluster on AWS (Walmart must not be a customer...). The math was mostly straightforward: Get cost of instance by size, multiply by number of instances and …   continue reading

    23 Jun 2017

    It's About the Carbon, Not the Silicon

    Earlier today, I had the pleasure of speaking with Stuart Hasking, a colleague from my financial services IT days, and currently a strategic consultant at TESM. We were discussing the challenges in making changes in a technology environment, when he …   continue reading

    05 Jun 2017

    The Narcotic Of Professional Services

    In the technology world, selling new products is hard. Selling to enterprises is even harder. Small companies were (relatively) easy. They took a little bit of handholding to get your SaaS/software/hardware configured "just right" for them, but most …   continue reading

    11 May 2017