The Revenge of the Keywords?

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Who remembers AOL Keywords? For that matter, who remembers when AOL actually mattered?

I thought about them this morning. Steve Rubel, on his blog, referenced a googlesystem posting here, that Google is looking to replace URL's with names in search results. From AOL's, sorry, I meant Google's, perspective, that is not surprising. They (a) want their content to be more relevant to real humans, (b) look to optimize (as a commenter on that link indicated), and (c) prefer that the info you get from Google is not necessarily available elsewhere. A URL can be copied, and used elsewhere, whereas a link *must* be clicked, which, as we know, Google uses to improve its search results. It benefits all of us, but Google most of all.

This smells a lot like AOL Keywords, but I am sure Google will come up with a better and cooler name, like, maybe, Google Keywords? Interesting to see how this will play out.