In Memoriam: Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs was a difficult man, as most geniuses are. The (in)famous movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley" captured so much of the complex younger man, his personal life and his interactions with competitors, partners and employees.

Yet, he was a great man, a true visionary. He changed our lives, with the first accessible personal computer, with NeXT which led to Mac OS X and the current Mac resurgence, with the iPod and the iPhone and the iPad. He had vision and flair like no one else.

Many will say he was just the right person in the right time at the right place. I say that all of them are equally important, that even with the right time and right place, no one else could have done what he did. The next generation has its own visionaries, its revolutionaries, as will the next, and each will shine in their own way. But Steve has a place in the pantheon of great entrepreneurs, perhaps one of the tallest pedestals.

He will be missed sorely.