Mary Meeker is Back

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Mary Meeker is one of the great Internet analysts out there. She was at Morgan Stanley while I worked there (and she probably added a lot more value to the firm than I ever did), so I had the pleasure of hearing her speak a few times.

A few years back, she joined Kleiner Perkins as an Investment Partner, where she puts out a once or twice a year report on Internet trends. These long presentations are worth reading, every single time. The latest report just came out and is here.

The big takeaways I see:

  • Mobile is the future, there is huge untapped opportunity there, especially in all of the spaces where mobile has not yet brought heavy usage and efficiencies.
  • There is big concern about where USA Inc is going

Everyone will have their own read. I very highly recommend anyone involved in the tech sector, business, education, government, or is a taxpayer anywhere (well, everyone) read it.