When Lawyers Get In The Way, Part II: When Your Company Really Learns

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Last week, I posted a detailed account of my experience trying, as a customer, to help Bauer Hockey improve their products and customer relations.

Today, I received a first-class email from Ken Covo, VP of R&D at Bauer Hockey. This was the most forthright, honest and learning contact I have ever received from a company.

Not only did Mr. Covo recognize the effort I put into helping them improve their products, for no remuneration at all, but he recognized that the incident showed that the product feedback process is broken, and that they need to change it so they can get, as he put it, a "consumer connection that is gold in today's marketplace." He was honest about where they fell short on product evaluation, and why, and that the new process doesn't get fixed in a day. He didn't mollify a customer with a promise that every real executive knows cannot be done. He was straightforward, honest, and learned from the experience.

Hats off to Ken Covo and Bauer Hockey.