Solutions - M&A

“Do these two companies go together? Will I be able to merge the cultures? Are the expected benefits real, or phantom? How will the market and the competition react? Are there more entities that should go together to make a holistic solution? What is the whole really worth?” 

Fact: the majority of mergers and acquisitions fail. In order for a merger or acquisition to succeed, you need to have a clear-header understanding in advance what both the benefits and the costs of the merger or acquisition will be. You need to understand what it will take to merge the operations, how customers and regulators will react, how employees and executives will respond. Most importantly, you need to understand how many of the benefits are real and will come to fruition.

Atomic has extensive experience with mergers and acquisitions, from the side of the acquirer, acquiree, and investor. We will provide a clear-headed analysis of the benefits and costs of the M&A activity, how real the benefits are, and possible market and competitor responses. We will help you determine if the company operations and infrastructures can be merged together and at what cost, and how the corporate culture of each party will be impacted. Using all of the above, we will help you determine the value of the merger or acquisition, and if the price is truly worthwhile.

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