Solutions - Startups

“Is there really a market for our product or service? Is it big enough? Will it be a venture startup or a lifestyle business? Will customers buy it for a profitable price? How do I know these to be true, rather than just guesses?” 

Startups, both venture and lifestyle, have the highest risk but potentially the greatest reward: satisfaction, control over one's own destiny, and much greater income and wealth. Getting from exciting idea to high probability of success is difficult and requires real experience and knowledge in every area of business and startups.

Atomic has extensive experience with startups, from the perspective of the entrepreneur, the investor and the customer. We will provide a no-holds-barred analysis of your business model and plans, finding roadblocks to success, hidden markets, mines in your path, understanding of the market and competition, and requirements for success. We will help you test your assumptions until your model is reliable and solid, your materials ready for customers, investors and employees, and get you ready to grow.

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