Success Stories

Here are just a few of our clients' successes.

  • For a SaaS firm, we created a mobile strategy where none had existed before beyond a general sense of, "we need to be here." We created a competitive analysis, market awareness, two alternative "go-to-market" strategies, each with its own pros and cons, enabling the firm to avoid directions that would have killed its mobile investment.
  • For an investment firm, we analyzed existing accounting and financial operations. We determined three key bottlenecks of unnecessary human involvement, causing inefficiencies and errors. As a direct result, labor costs were reduced by over 20%, errors nearly eliminated, and time-to-close was reduced by several weeks.
  • For an online-services firm in the market for sale, we identified potential strategic and financial acquirers, analyzed their motivations and capabilities as well as how the firms would operate post-closing, and prepared the executive team for negotiations, leading to a triple-digit millions acquisition.
  • For an enterprise software firm in partnership with its investment bankers, we reviewed its limited merger-and-acquisition (M&A) strategy, identified and isolated previously undetected mines, and created a market and operations merger plan.
  • For a retail firm, we analyzed risk exposure due to lack of PCI compliance. We analyzed their technology and operations, classified requisite changes by critical, high, medium, and low priority, and developed a detail deployment plan. We then assisted in the deployment, ensuring that all stages went smoothly and costs remained at minimum while meeting all compliance and ease-of-use requirements.
  • For a hospitality provider on the cusp of bankruptcy, we rapidly determined the cause of its financial and underlying market and operational challenges, identified supply chain and inventory management as core drivers, and led its turnaround, staving off bankruptcy and leading to growth.
  • For a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical firm planning to replace its aging infrastructure with next-generation services, we analyzed the existing method of client support and management operations, and proposed two key alternative paths, along with a recommendation. Each option included not only financial impact on the firm's balance sheet and income statement, but also the transition costs and difficulties, cultural resistance/acceptance within the organization, and how it aligned with the firm's larger strategic initiatives.
  • At a Fortune 100 financial services firm, the Information Technology department's network operations center was suffering poor service, dropped calls and wholly unreliable metrics at a very high cost. We analyzed the organizational structure, staffing plans, processes and utilization patterns of the operations center, identified weaknesses, and proposed alternative structures. As a result, service levels increased while annual costs decreased by over 30%, saving millions of dollars each year.

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